Who is


OH HI. It's me, Alexis - your friendly neighborhood mover, groover, and inspire-er (definitely not a word, but i'm going with it).


My typical day consists of me still wearing my workout clothes from the morning, drinking some bulletproof coffee, hanging with my adorable bulldog Ned, stopping work every 5 minutes to dance, playing with crystals, and absolutely loving what I do.


Ok so what is that? Well I help YOU learn to fall in love with YOU. I work with women who have struggled with things like eating disorders, self love or self esteems issues, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), anxiety, and ADHD, to truly realize how good their minds and bodies are designed to feel. Joy is SO possible and I want to share that.

I teach, inspire, and mentor them in monthly wellness groups or in 1:1 private session how to step into their truth....honestly, more like BUST DOWN their door of their self doubt and come waltzing into their new life feeling like Beyonce´. I also teach women how to do become an influencer and grow their OWN online wellness business and find a group of women just like them to crush life with.

I help you answer questions as simple as "WTF DO I EAT and HOW should I move my body?!" to the tougher ones like "How can I learn to love what I see in the mirror?" and "What am I truly meant to do with this life of mine?"

While I absolutely adore working, you can cash me outside (lol) in Miami with my boyfriend and pup, eating ALL the food the city has to offer, drinking a Moscow mule, and going anywhere there is music.

I aspire to travel the world, (but have loved every place I've been to. Bali being the MOST beautiful), own a vacation villa in Mykonos, and adopt every dog in the world. Ok maybe not every dog, but maybe open an adoption center for them. #ilovedogs


I'll leave you with 5 things that may help you get to know we even more. Or run for the hills.

1. Horror movies are my FAVORITE. I wanna watch every scary movie and be scared poop-less because of it.

2. I'm a big lover of all things sports, football and ice hockey being my favorite. If you feel the same and ever come to Miami, we can totally grab a beer and catch a game on a Sunday.

3. I HATE reading for fun, but LOVE reading for personal growth. I've gotten to where I am strictly because of all the books I've dove head first into

4. Cooking is therapeutic to me and if I had the time to own my own restaurant I totally would. Maybe on day ;)

5. My favorite food is definitely pizza and a great Cab. I cannot resist on a good Friday night. Oh boy, see now I want one.

ok one more --> I have 14 tattoos and counting. #inkobsessed

So that's me. Anyone who visits my page is a friend immediately. Unless I scared you away...but I still love you :)

Come check me out on Insta - @onefitcoconut - where I hang out on IG stories all day long, and if you want to stay REALLY updated, you can sign up for my newsletter HERE (I'll send you a FREE 30 day Self Love Checklist!)

Thanks for reading you gorgeous soul,

Talk to you soon,

If you wanna hear my FULL story in detail, check it out below.

Tattoos, pizza, crystals, & heels